5 Checklist for partners (Stage 1- 3)




Before you upload your prepared data feeds to the FTP server, we have compiled the following checklist for you. It is intended to enable you to eliminate the most common sources of errors before uploading and thus enable an even faster connection.

Use our feed checker to check for problems before uploading and to detect structural errors at an early stage:


Furthermore, by checking the checklist, points are identified which can be taken into account before the product is created. It is also in our interest to present your products in the best possible way.

Finally, the checklist should help to verify logistical aspects once again.

Trading standard of your products


To ensure a smooth flow of goods, we need correct information on the products and their trade quantities. Only in this way can we minimise additional logistical effort and offer the goods correctly to the customer.

The following points are understood and fulfilled:

Minimum order quantities (MOQ), order quantity increments (IOQ) and packaging units (TU) are transmitted if relevant.
If no MOQ and IOQ are trasmitted, the default MOQ is "1" and IOQ is "1".
All products with MOQ and IOQ "1" are packed individually and can be processed logistically accordingly.
Sales display's, special sales set's and similar have been excluded in the data exports

Merchants are additionally aware of the following points:

MOQ / IOQ are implemented according to the GTIN (bulk pack vs. single pack).
Pricing corresponds to the sales unit of the GTIN.

Valild for all partners from stage 1

Example single unit product

Example trade unit product

Example wrong packaging unit matched product

Example single unit product

Example trade unit product

Example wrong packaging unit matched product

1 SKU = 1 pcs

Price basis = 1 pcs

GTIN based on single unit

MOQ = 6 pcs

IOQ = 6 pcs

1 SKU = 6 pcs

Price basis= 6 pcs

GTIN based on trade unit

MOQ = 1 pcs

IOQ = 1 pcs


1 SKU = 5 pcs

GTIN = 5 pcs (1 pack)

4 pcs on add-to-chart button as quantity rebate active by Galaxus.

Merchant D and E are offering a big pack of 20 x 5 pcs (Over pack 100 pcs).

Thus, the offering of Merchant D and E is confusing for the client and unattractive for the buybox as the are using a different quantity logic.


Product data


The following aspects ensure that the articles are created according to our specifications and that we display the products correctly.

The following points are fulfilled:

Product titles have no unwanted content (brands, product categories, features are removed).
Product descriptions are neutral, informative and timeless
Descriptions are a maximum of 4000 characters long (longer descriptions will not be accepted)

The following extended points have been taken into account where relevant:

VariantName for possible variant display is taken into account and transmitted

Valid for all partners from stage 2


Media Quality and Scope

We want to offer our customers the best possible content. Enhancing and adapting images after the product creation is a significant additional effort. Accordingly, this should be checked again before integration.

The following points are fulfilled:

The main image is exempted
All existing images and videos are included in the exports
The image data quality meets the requirements
Data sheets for technical products are supplied if available and appropriate for the end customer.

Specifications quality and declarations


In order to process the properties properly, some content-related points would also have to be taken into account.

The following points are fulfilled:

Masses (ml, cm, etc.) for the values are available (in property type "SpecificationKey" or property value "SpecificationValue" ).
The separators for decimal numbers are consistent (either dot "." or comma ",")
No HTML strings in the key-value pair
Legally mandatory product declaration data is provided in media and specification
Version of transmitted energy efficiency classes is verified (Version 2021)

EU-Hub criteria


In order to move the goods through the EU hub without problems and queries, it is important to provide the required data correctly. If these points are not fulfilled, it can lead to major delays or customs issues. This should be prevented at all costs.

The following points are fulfilled:

The following points are also taken into account: