Preferred Logistics Partners


This page only applies to Digitec Galaxus AG partners.

Suppliers: What are the advantages of using a «Preferred Logistics Partner»?

Digitec Galaxus AG Partners are free to choose their forwarder or carrier for their deliveries into our warehouses.  Every forwarder or carrier needs to comply with the conditions described, including the reservation of a timeslot 24 hours in advance.  Our Preferred Logistics Partners already know these conditions, and they have fixed slots for their deliveries, which can ultimately help you to deliver your goods faster and more problem-free. If you wish to know more about these carriers, please contact our First Mile Team at

Logistics Providers: How do I become a «Preferred Logistics Partner»?

Preferred Logistics Partners have fixed timeslots at our warehouses’ docks and, thus, do not need to go through the timeslot reservation process. To become a Preferred Logistics Partner, you need to fulfill a minimum weekly volume in one of our warehouses  (volumes are per warehouse and cannot be aggregated) and comply with our conditions described in Partners who are qualified as Preferred Logistics Partners will be contacted directly by our First Mile Team.