What should my invoice look like?

We kindly ask you to send us invoices exclusively electronically via PDF format. Physical mail is not accepted. In order to be able to process PDF invoices automatically, they must meet a number of conditions, which are explained below.

How do I send my invoices to Galaxus?

Digitec Galaxus AG offers the following delivery methods for invoices, depending on volume and possibilities:

The e-mail with the attached PDF file(s) must have a subject and text content - with a note that it is an invoice - in order not to be confused with spam.

PDF files must meet the following requirements to enable automated processing via e-mail:

  • PDF files must not be signed or password protected.

  • PDF files must only contain markable, searchable text (OCR compatible) and no images (logo is OK) or invisible characters.

  • 1 PDF file may contain a maximum of 1 invoice.

  • The number of pages for 1 invoice is limited to a maximum of 20 pages.

  • Texts irrelevant to invoices (e.g. terms and conditions or advertising) are not permitted.

  • Page numbers are not permitted.

  • Rounding differences are not permitted.

Regarding the contents of the invoice, various points are important, which are explained using the following sample invoice:

1 Billing address

Regardless of the place of delivery:

Digitec Galaxus AG

Galaxus Deutschland GmbH

Digitec Galaxus AG

Galaxus Deutschland GmbH

Digitec Galaxus AG
Pfingstweidstrasse 60b
CH-8005 Zürich

Galaxus Deutschland GmbH
Schützenstraße 5
22761 Hamburg

2 Supplier name and address

The complete and unique address of the biller.

3 Invoice number

An invoice number for reference must be present. This reference will be given in the purpose information of the bank transfer (for easy assignment on your side).

4 Order number

Our order number is used to identify the corresponding order and must be indicated. Example 11258818.
Collective invoices are not allowed; each invoice may only refer to one of Galaxus’s orders. Separate invoices are allowed for partial deliveries.
Collective invoices are currently only able to be processed exclusively via the EDI interface.

5 Article numbers

The article number is used to identify the products on the invoice or delivery note and must correspond to the article number according to your price list.  Please always list the article number in a separate column.

6 Article description

Article descriptions or parts thereof must be listed in an additional column.

7 Quantity

Quantities must always be indicated as whole numbers. The unit of the specified quantity must always be a piece. Only the invoiced quantity is to be stated: residues or other quantities are not permitted.

8 VAT details

All suppliers with a VAT obligation must provide the following information on the invoice:

  • VAT number or company identification number (UID) under which the provider is registered in the register of taxable persons

  • The tax rate applied per item (in the case of multiple tax rates) and the total amount of VAT due

Payment details and information (QR-Invoice)

A valid bank account must be specified in the Configuration Agreement (CFA). If no QR information is available, the transfer will be made to the bank account specified in the CFA. A QR-Invoice can only be processed as a PDF invoice if it is attached at the end of the invoice and in the same document.

Discount statement and fees

Any discounts and/or fees (e.g. vRG/Suisa) must be added to the respective items. A total of fees at the end of the invoice cannot be processed.

IMPORTANT: Before the first order processing, please send us an invoice sample (sensitive areas may be blacked out) for inspection and verification. To do so, simply send the document as a PDF with the note «invoice verification» to: