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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

3 How and where do I deliver my goods to?

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page3 How and where do I deliver my goods to?

Notification of warehouse deliveries

All pallet deliveries must be announced for the purpose of coordination and reservation of a delivery timeslot.

  • Deliveries without a reserved timeslot will be rejected

  • Individual packages deliveries do not need a timeslot reservation

Contact details

Booking Method: Online latest until 16:00 of the previous day of the delivery

Onlinetool: Cargoclix

Instructions: How do I use Cargoclix?




+41 (0)79 560 99 82


+41 (0)79 664 13 88


+41 (0)77 266 64 99


+41 (0)62 788 78 71

Krefeld (Fichtenhain)

+49 179 7283742152 38304896

Krefeld (Hüls)

+49 152 05410247179 7283742

Mandatory information for notifications

  • Preferred delivery day/delivery time

  • Number of pallets

  • Name of supplier(s)

  • Our order number per supplier

Points to consider when notifiying

  • The information and data of the notification must match the delivery. In case of discrepancies, the delivered goods may be rejected.

  • Delays must be reported as early as possible and any reallocated time slot must be respected.

  • If a notified delivery cannot take place, it must be cancelled as early as possible.

  • The number of pallets notified in advance must correspond to the number of pallets actually delivered.

Location information

Location addresses


Delivery hours




Digitec Galaxus AG 
Receiving Wohlen
Ferroring 23 
CH-5612 Villmergen 

GLN: 7640151820015



Digitec Galaxus AG
(Building Doppel Punkt) 
Parallelstrasse 10 
CH-5606 Dintikon 

GLN: 7640151820022



Digitec Galaxus AG
Rampen 50-55 
Lagerhausstrasse 12 
CH-4914 Roggwil  

GLN: 7640151820039



Digitec Galaxus AG
Industriestrasse 11
4665 Oftringen

GLN: 7640151820053

Krefeld (Fichtenhain)


Galaxus Deutschland GmbH 
Receiving Rampe 45-57
Anmeldung bei Rampe 45
Hans-Günther-Sohl-Straße 2-4 
DE-47807 Krefeld (Fichtenhain)

GLN: 7640489630010

Krefeld (Hüls)


Galaxus Deutschland GmbH
Odilia-von-Goch-Str. 15
DE- 47839 Krefeld (Hüls)

GLN: 7640489630027

Gate system for deliveries in Villmergen

The access to the site is equipped with a gate system. Access is regulated as follows:

  • Freight forwarders need the QR code or PIN of the Cargoclix booking confirmation for entry and exit.

  • Parcel couriers show their delivery papers at the gate.

At the ramp

Compliance with delivery timeslot

The allocated delivery time must be strictly adhered to. 

The carriers must report to the ramp before the allocated time slot (max. 15 minutes).

Delayed deliveries (more than 10 minutes after the start of the time window) will be reallocated by our scheduling department based on the reason for the delay. Longer waiting times or a postponement of the delivery to another day may be the consequence. 

The following information must be provided for each delivery:

  • QR code or CargoMarket Booking ID (visible on the Cargoclix booking confirmation)

  • Delivery note in paper form with our order number

  • Proof of customs clearance for deliveries from abroad

    • Villmergen / Dintikon / Roggwil: Import list or CMR stamped by customs

    • Oftringen: Import list (CMR not sufficient)

Trucks will be rejected at the receiving area in the following cases:

  • Arrival with a delay of more than one hour (+1h starting from the beginning of the time slot)

  • Deviations in the actual number of pallets delivered that prevent adherence of the booked time slot

The following instructions will be followed:

  • Drivers will be instructed to contact their dispatchers so that a new time slot can be arranged.

  • New time slots for the same day: changes in the bookings can only be performed by Galaxus on behalf of the supplier. For this, the dispatcher must contact the warehouse in Wohlen (see above).

  • New time slots for another day: dispatchers can rebook the time slots themselves.

Means of transport

Delivery is only possible via the ramps or at ground level. Side unloading with a front loader is not possible. We reserve the right to refuse delivery. Pallets may only be unloaded with manual lift trucks.

Load unit

The load unit (e.g. pallet) conditions must be respected.  

Pallet exchange

The EUR exchange pallets are exchanged step by step. No individual pallet accounts are kept with suppliers. When exchanging pallets, the regulations according to the document Exchange of Euro Pallets: Recommendation of GS1 Switzerland and ASTAG apply. If the criteria are not met, we reserve the right not to exchange the pallets.


The safety instructions of the Galaxus personnel must be followed. The wearing of safety shoes and high-visibility waistcoats is mandatory in the warehouses of Galaxus.


At the ramp the delivery will be checked for visible transport damage. If minor transport damage is discovered, this must be acknowledged on the proof of delivery so that complaint processes can be initiated subsequently. In the case of massive transport damage, we reserve the right to reject the consignment.


The incoming goods department is closed on public holidays. No booking can be placed for these days (which can be seen in Cargoclix in each location).

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