What logistical conditions do I have to comply with as a supplier?

Packaging and delivery condition

  • Delivery notes must be attached on the outside of a load unit (package or pallet).

  • For international deliveries, the delivery note must be enclosed in multiple copies.

  • Each load unit must have a unique barcode (minimum height 31.75 mm according to GS1) and must be attached to one of the short sides of the pallet.

  • Labels with barcodes must show the correct name of the sender and the recipient.

  • All goods must be adequately secured against damage during transport and handling and should not pose any danger to the employee when the protective film is removed.

  • All items must be packed accordingly, especially fragile items, which must have protection or outer packaging.


  • Items which are delivered in multiple packages must be clearly marked as such on the packages (example: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3) including a visible EAN or GTIN code of the set.

  • All packages of a set item must be shipped in the same delivery. Sets must be in the same loading unit (furniture and large items excluded).


  • All items with a best before date (BBD) must be delivered at least 90 days before the BBD

Load unit

  • Goods that are not delivered by couriers must be delivered on exchangeable EUR-pallets (Dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm). Products larger than EUR-Pallets should come on pallets that protect the product entirely. Pallet dimensions of these products may vary; however, these pallets must be stable and transportable with a pallet truck.

  • The maximum pallet height is 220 cm; pallets above this height or larger than the pallet dimensions are not permitted.

Dangerous Goods

  • The supplier is responsible for the compliance with the transport regulations in accordance with the Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) (e.g. labeling the packages with the corresponding UN number).

Delivery address

All deliveries must be sent to the delivery address in the purchase order. Deliveries to other warehouses will be rejected.

Delivery note requirements

Conformity with delivery

It is mandatory to provide physical delivery notes.

  1. Sender and receiver:

    1. Information about the sender, including company name

    2. Correct recipient address:

      1. It must match the address in the purchase order.

      2. Repaired goods or exchange goods must always be separated and clearly labelled with "After Sales Handling".

  2. Delivery note number, order reference and page numbering

    1. Delivery note number

    2. Date of delivery note creation

    3. Our order number

    4. If a shipment contains items from different orders, these must be grouped per order.

    5. Page numbering including indication of the total number of pages (x/y).

  3. Positions details

    1. List of all delivery items per order number with details of the quantity delivered.

    2. Name of the product

    3. EAN/GTIN and our article number

      Alternatively EAN/GTIN and supplier article number

    4. When delivering set items (e.g. furniture), a list of the sets and their parts is also mandatory.

Sample delivery note

Sample label

A label on pallets and on packages delivered to Galaxus should have at least the following information printed on them:

  • Sender address

  • Recipient address

  • Unique, readable barcode (barcode also written out alphanumerically)


Data exchange


SSCC collective containers (several containers electronically transferred in one pallet).

  • The barcodes must be clearly marked with “SSCC” to distinguish them from any other barcodes on the pallet.

  • Electronically transferred barcodes must be able to be scanned from the outside without opening the film or moving individual boxes.

    • Alternatively, the barcodes can be printed collectively per transport unit on an A4 document attached to the delivery note.

  • Each container must bear the corresponding barcode with the transferred delivery information.

  • No barcodes on collective containers that represent a master barcode.

  • This type of delivery must be tested during the partner affiliation process.


  • It is mandatory to provide physical delivery notes.

    • A 1:1 ratio between physical and electronically transferred delivery notes is mandatory.

  • The delivery note number must be clearly identified as such and correspond exactly to the electronically-transferred reference.

    • A delivery note number can only be used once.

    • The delivery note number cannot be identical to the order number.