What do I have to pay attention to when importing certain product ranges into Switzerland as an EU hub trader?


This page only applies to Galaxus Switzerland partners.


Only packages can be handled, no pallets. The packages may have the following maximum dimensions:

Length up to 200 cm → max. 30 Kg

Length from 200 cm to 250 cm → max. 10 Kg

Girth: max. 400 cm (2× height + 2× width + longest side)

Article sets

Items that consist of several packages (item sets) cannot be handled. e.g. a table where the table legs & top are shipped separately.

Certain products may not be imported or only partially imported into Switzerland for legal reasons or must meet special requirements in order to be imported correctly. Below you will therefore find information on restrictions in our product range. These are not exhaustive.

The following products cannot be offered via EU Hub


Wines, spirits and beer.


Products of chemical or biological origin intended or advertised to have a medicinal effect on the human or animal organism, especially for the detection, prevention or treatment of disease, injury or disability. For example, pain pills, sedatives & percindol.


Active ingredients intended to deter, render harmless, destroy, or otherwise control harmful organisms by chemical or biological means, or to prevent harm from harmful organisms (in the non-agricultural sector). For example, disinfectants, cleaners & insect repellents.


Chemical substances manufactured or used industrially or in a laboratory. They can be pure substances or mixtures of substances. For example, pool chemicals, household cleaners & paints.


Used in agriculture, forestry and horticulture to supplement the supply of nutrients for cultivated crops. For example, fertilizer.

Precious wood

Precious woods such as rosewood, rosewood, mahogany, sandalwood, cedarwood and yew are among CITES protected species.


Fireworks are ready-to-use articles with an explosive or ignition charge (= pyrotechnic articles), which serve the purpose of amusement. For example, volcano, sparklers & rockets.

Products with gas connections

There is no international standard for the pressure regulator and therefore many different connections. Example Germany: pressure regulators fit on Swiss grills, but cannot be screwed tightly. This causes gas to leak out. For example, gas grill, gas heater & gas stoves.

Cultural assets

Cultural assets are tangible evidence of culture and history as well as identification carriers of a society and shape its self-image and social cohesion. Therefore, the protection of cultural heritage is one of the most important tasks of the state today.

Laser pointer

A laser pointer is a laser device which, due to its size and weight, can be held and guided by hand and which emits laser radiation for pointing, amusement and deterrence purposes e.g. torch, key ring and presenter. Lasers of laser class 2 are classified as dangerous in Switzerland and may no longer be sold as of 1 June 2019.

Lithium batteries with more than 100 Wh

Due to the dangerous goods guidelines of the Swiss Post, lithium batteries which are not built into the device and have more than 100 Wh may not be transported via the parcel channel.

Medical products

Designates products that are used for medical therapeutic or diagnostic purposes on or in humans. For example, blood pressure monitor, pregnancy tests & ventilators.



Foodstuffs are substances or products intended to be ingested by humans in a processed, partially processed or unprocessed state. Requirements for sale: Products from the EU require a permit in Switzerland. In addition, precise content information is important in order to classify the products for customs purposes.

Food supplements

Food supplements are foodstuffs intended to supplement the normal diet. Requirements sale: Products from the EU require a permit in Switzerland. In addition, precise information on the contents is important in order to classify the products for customs purposes.

Pet food

Collective term for all forms of animal feed, i.e. all nutritional products for animals kept by humans, such as farm animals, zoo animals, sports animals or pets (e.g. cat food). Prerequisite for sale: Cereal-based feed, such as horse feed, requires an import permit from Réservesuisse from 20kg. The importer must be registered accordingly. The trader must be registered as a feed supplier in the respective country and the products must comply with EU laws in order to also comply with CH regulations. The declaration must be available in at least one Swiss official language.

Plant protection products

Pesticides and herbicides used primarily to protect crops. For example, insecticides, rodenticides, herbicides, pesticides, etc.


All salts and salt mixtures containing 30% or more sodium chloride (NaCl) and salt solutions containing 18% or more sodium chloride are subject to authorization. For example, seasoning salts, bath salts & salt lamps.

Jewelry / Precious Metal

Products made of silver, gold, platinum or palladium, also gold-plated or silver-plated. For example, silver flatware, necklaces & rings.

Tobacco products, e-cigarettes and narcotics

In the area of tobacco, nicotine-containing products & CBD products, different regulations apply from country to country. In addition, narcotics may only be offered by pharmacies.

VOC-containing products

Volatile organic compounds are used as solvents in numerous industries and are contained in various products, such as paints, varnishes, various cleaning agents, but also in cosmetics and care products. If these substances get into the air, they contribute together with nitrogen oxides to the excessive formation of ground-level ozone (summer smog).

Weapons & parts

Galaxus does not sell weapons. In addition, we will ask you to exclude weapon-like items or dangerous items from the range identified to us. We reserve the right to do this for ethical reasons. For example, bowie knives, carambits or throwing knives.

The following products can only be offered via EU Hub under certain circumstances

Animal cages

When submitting animal cages (aviaries, small animal enclosures, terrariums & aquariums), please make sure to include the following information:

  • Inside dimensions

  • Volume

  • Target species

  • Maximum number of animals allowed

The animal welfare regulations of Switzerland apply.


Electronic products must comply with the Swiss plug devices and radio regulations (frequencies etc.). A T-23 adapter must be enclosed with all imported devices with a power rating of more than 2,300 watts, unless they have to be connected by a specialist anyway (i.e. they are not equipped with a mains cable).

The 3-pole fixed adapter that matches the CEE 7/7 can be found here. Suitable cordsets can be found in specialist shops. Larger quantities can be ordered inexpensively from the manufacturer Max Hauri or similar suppliers. We recommend always using the IP44 version.


Solid wood / products under the Timber Trade Ordinance (HHV)

In order to increase transparency for customers and to influence their conscious decision to purchase, a declaration obligation applies in Switzerland for round and raw wood as well as certain wood products made of solid wood.

The following products are subject to declaration:

  • Wood for walking sticks, umbrellas, tool handles and sticks.

  • Charcoal

  • Wooden frames for pictures, photographs, mirrors or similar objects

  • Seating and other furniture with main components made of solid wood (but not sofas with solid wood legs!)

  • Other furniture with main components made of solid wood

This product information shall be provided in the properties:

  • The trade name

  • The origin of the wood

These properties must also be observed for wood and paper products that fall under the HHV.

All information on the declaration obligation for wood and wood products as well as the Wood Trade Ordinance are also listed in the BFK and bafu guidelines.

Leather goods & plant seeds

Endangered animal and plant species should be traded only to the extent that their natural populations permit. Any border crossing is considered as trade in the sense of CITES.

Prerequisite for sale: Only leather goods from domesticated animals may be sold, such as cowhide. For the sale of plant seeds, cereals and arable crops for sowing, a general import permit is required. Textiles that contain parts of animal origin must be labeled ''Contains parts of animal origin.'' This information must be clearly visible to the consumer before purchase. The product information including the labeling must be written in at least one Swiss official language (cf. Art. 4a para. 1 lit. a THG).


All plant deliveries to Switzerland must be accompanied by a plant passport. This confirms that the goods comply with the health regulations. Furthermore, the Latin name of the plant must be added to the product description (see indoor plants).