In what form do I deliver my product data as a merchant?

Inspiring and efficient shopping experience is based on correct and comprehensive product data. They enable customers to find the products that interest them quickly and in a targeted manner via search, navigation and filtering. At the product level, high-resolution photos and videos, comprehensive product descriptions, variants and detailed specifications support the customer in obtaining thorough information and also enable an extensive product comparison. This significantly increases sales opportunities, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

High-quality product data also enables us to make your products available to customers in an automated way and to their full extent quickly. This makes it possible to exploit the full potential of your product range after only a very short time. For these reasons, Digitec Galaxus AG/Galaxus Deutschland GmbH requires correct and comprehensive product data from its partners.

The integration is used for product creation for the online shop. Connections are carried out in cooperation with Digitec Galaxus AG/ Galaxus Deutschland GmbH on a project basis.

Product data can be made available to us via SFTP protocol or WebService. You can find all the details here: