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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

3 How do I receive my orders and ship the goods?

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page2 How do I receive my orders and ship the goods?

The merchant programme allows selling products under your own name and your own branding over Digitec Galaxus AG’s online shops. The sales agreement is concluded directly between you and the end customer. Digitec Galaxus AG acts as a facilitator within the merchant programme.

Delivery note

The following information is to be included on the delivery note so that all processes are optimally observed by our customers are adhered to. The respective elements via the OpenTrans interface are named in brackets.

A sample delivery note can be downloaded here.

  1. Address of the receiving person or company with:

    • Name of the company (NAME)

    • Receiving person (NAME2 if company name exists, otherwise NAME)

    • P.O. Box (ZIPBOX)

    • Street and house number (STREET)

    • Country Postcode City (COUNTRY_CODED-ZIP/CITY)

    • Country (COUNTRY)


    • On what date was the parcel dispatched?


    • What is the order number of the Digitec Galaxus order?

  4. Reference person (CONTACT_DETAILS/FIRST_NAME+CONTACT_NAME)What is the name of the person who initiated the order?

  5. Only if transmitted: Order reference (HEADER_UDX/UDX.DG.END_CUSTOMER_ORDER_REFERENCE)

    • Reference of the order person

  6. Only if transmitted: Buyer Phone Number (PHONE)

    • Telephone number of the ordering person

  7. Item description (DESCRIPTION_SHORT)

    • Short description of the ordered item

  8. Article number (BUYER_PID)

    • Article number from the online shop of the ordered item

  9. Quantity (QUANTITY)

    • How many items were sent with the parcel?

  10. Legal notices

Payment has already been made directly to Digitec Galaxus AG.
In the event of a return, we kindly ask you to use the returns process in your customer account on or
Orders placed via and are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Digitec Galaxus AG.
If you have any questions or uncertainties, the customer care team of digitec and Galaxus will be happy to help:

Rechtliche Hinweise (d)

Die Zahlung erfolgte bereits direkt an die Digitec Galaxus AG. 
Bei einer allfälligen Retoure bitten wir Sie den geführten Retourenprozess in Ihrem Kundenkonto auf oder zu nutzen. 
Bestellungen über und unterliegen den AGB der Digitec Galaxus AG.
Bei Fragen oder Unklarheiten steht der Kundendienst von digitec und Galaxus gerne zur Verfügung:

Mentions légales (f)

Le paiement a déjà été effectué directement à Digitec Galaxus AG.
En cas de retour, nous vous prions d'utiliser la procédure de retour dans votre compte client sur ou
Les commandes passées via et sont soumises aux conditions générales de Digitec Galaxus AG.
Si vous avez des questions ou des demandes, n'hésitez pas à contacter le service clientèle de digitec et Galaxus disponible à l'adresse suivante:

Note legali (i)

Il pagamento è già stato effettuato direttamente alla Digitec Galaxus AG.
In caso di restituzione, la preghiamo di utilizzare il processo di restituzione nel suo conto cliente su o
Gli ordini effettuati tramite e sono soggetti alle Condizioni generali di contratto di Digitec Galaxus AG.
Se avete domande o dubbi, non esitate a contattare il servizio clienti digitec e galaxus a disponibile su:

Further documents

It is prohibited to add the following documents to the delivery:

  • Advertising and marketing supplements

  • Return papers: the customer is provided with a guided return process in the customer profile on digitec and Galaxus.

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