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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

2 How do I receive and process my orders?

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page2 How do I receive and process my orders?


The Galaxus category management places orders according to standardized processes. Galaxus differentiates between collective orders, new purchase orders, and direct deliveries. The latter is only available for selected partners.

Collective Order

The collective order is the most common type of order. Based on your specifications in the Initial Exchange Settings (IES), order times and order days are configured.

The idea behind the collective order is to consolidate Galaxus’s needs across all categories. The collective order is largely calculated automatically and sent out on a regular basis.

The ordering time of the collective order is, together with the configured delivery time and the availability from the data import, the basis for the online availability display of products that Galaxus doesn’t have in stock.

Manueal Purchase Order

For larger orders or orders at special prices, Galaxus often uses the option of a manual purchase order. This is created analogous to a collective order, but isn’t sent automatically and has no influence on the online availability display.

Direct Delieveries

In case you meet our requirements for direct deliveries and have signed corresponding contracts with Galaxus, you are given the opportunity to send your articles directly to our customers. Direct delivery is triggered when all payment modalities are fulfilled. The customer addresses are transmitted to you accordingly.
Direct deliveries can either be configured for the entire product range or only for individual products.
Adherence to the expected delivery time is critical for customer satisfaction.

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