How do I use the Galaxus customs clearance solution for my direct deliveries?

This section is only valid for Galaxus Switzerland partners.


Overview: Supplier


What is the name of Galaxus customs clearance solution and how does it work?

With our EU Hub, we provide our partners with a simple cross-border solution. Instead of sending the packages directly to the end customer in Switzerland, the packages are delivered to our EU Hub in Germany. We act as a "service provider" and take care of the logistics from the EU Hub to Switzerland as well as the complete export and import customs clearance and the last mile delivery to the customer.

Why is our cross-border solution worthwhile?

  • Improve supplier purchasing ranking through faster delivery time

  • Improve conversion on assortment breadth due to better availability / delivery time

  • "favorable" cross-border handling compared to external carriers

What requirements do I have to meet to use it?

  • All requirements acc.

  • Company headquarters in Germany

  • Fully automated product and order data interface (openTRANS)

  • All products have EAN, weight, country of origin & TARIC (customs tariff number)

  • Shipment number per package

  • Shipment number of the parcel service provider as barcode "scannable" on the parcel

  • Electronic Export Invoice (Under this link you will find an exemplary Export Invoice)

  • Active EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification)

  • For products with a DE power plug, enclosure of a fixed adapter

Which assortment is suitable for this solution?

Only packages can be handled, no pallets. The packages may have the following maximum dimensions:

Length up to 200 cm → max. 30 Kg

Length between 200 cm - 250 cm → max. 10 Kg

Belt dimension: max. 400 cm (2x height + 2x width + longest side).

Items that consist of multiple packages (item sets) cannot be handled. e.g. a table where the table legs & top are shipped separately.

Certain products may not be imported or only partially imported into Switzerland for legal reasons or must meet special requirements in order for the goods to be imported correctly.