How do I process warranty claims as a merchant?

If a customer receives defective goods or if a defect occurs during the warranty period, the customer can return the goods to the merchant as a warranty claim. To do this, the customer must register the warranty in their Galaxus customer account. The merchant must immediately repair or replace the goods or refund the purchase price, whereby a solution can also be requested bilaterally with the customer. Merchants will not be actively informed about newly created warranty cases (e.g. info mail), but must regularly check the CMI account themselves. Read below the instructions that apply to you.

Instructions for merchants who supply to customers in Switzerland

  • As described above, customers register their defective products in the customer account and receive automated instructions about the next steps. If the customer needs to send the item in, they will send it out, if they need to contact you first, you will be contacted by the customer. This is how the registration in the customer account begins:

  • Once you have either received the item or have been contacted by the customer, you will need to log into our Customer Management Interface (CMI) and change the status of the warranty case to «In Progress». Once the case is closed, the status can be changed to «Resolved». Instructions:

Instructions for merchants importing goods to Switzerland via the EU-Hub

  • Digitec Galaxus AG processes the warranty cases.

  • You will receive a credit note 2x a year for the agreed settlement discount. This is the share of turnover that you reimburse to Digitec Galaxus AG for the fact that we process your warranty cases, and a re-export/import to Switzerland can be avoided.

Instructions for merchants who deliver to customers in the EU

  • Customer registers the warranty case in their Galaxus customer account.

  • Customer needs to contact you. Your contact number will be displayed to the customer. Customer will receive shipping instructions, as well as your address information for after sales processing.

  • Once the package is received, you set the service case status in the Customer Management Interface (CMI) to «In Process».

  • You check to see if it is a warranty case.

    • It is not a warranty case: You can return the package or find an alternative solution bilaterally with the customer. If you do not process the case further and do not offer the customer an individual solution, such as a repair with costs, they set the status in the CMI to «Obsolete».

    • It is a warranty case: You find a solution bilaterally with the customer. You transfer the credit note to the customer (exchange bank data directly with the customer), initiate the replacement delivery or organize the repair.

  • After they have solved the case, they need to adjust the status in the CMI according to the solution: