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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

4 What do the financial flows look like?

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page4 What do the financial flows look like?

Prices for the merchant programme

Merchants don’t pay any basic fees or initial costs (except for the necessary techical connection, insofar as you have to make technical changes in your systems for the use of the marketplace). There are only variable costs within the scope of a so-called commission fee on your sold articles. This means that if you successfully sell products, the percentage fee is due. The amount of this fee is independent of the volumes sold via the marketplace and depends exclusively on the net sales price of the products you sell. All information on the marketplace fees for Switzerland can be found here: Gebührenübersicht Marktplatz DE

Settlement of the sales charge for sales and returns (marketplace settlement)

Galaxus issues a consolidated and VAT-compliant invoice for the sales fee on a monthly basis. The invoice includes the sales fees for sales that have taken place as well as accepted returns, which are totalled per day. The invoice is always sent between the 1st and 5th day of the following month. The payment terms for traders are no longer applicable. As the sales fees owed at the time of the customer payment to Galaxus and the open sales fees for accepted returns are debited virtually from the merchant credit (net amounts of sales) on the Stripe Connect platform.

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Payments of net amaounts

The payout of the amounts due to merchants (sales price - sales fee = net amount) takes place automatically in a rolling rhythm and defined monthly payout interval. Only net amounts for which a dispatch notification has been triggered and the money is available on the Stripe Connect platform are taken into account for the payout. The dispatch notification is sent by merchants to Galaxus via interfaces or the CMI merchant portal (order set to "sent"). The money is usually available on the Stripe Connect platform three days after the customer payment. The payout is made as part of a monthly bank transfer from the Stripe platform to the merchant.

Payout report

For each collective payment, a "Payout report" is generated, which contains the completed sales and returns with detailed information. In addition, reference is made to the settlement period of the sales charge.

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Single payment

Individual payouts are not possible in the EU marketplace.

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