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This page only applies to Digitec Galaxus AG partners.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

3 How do I process a service order?

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page3 How do I process a service order?

The Company Management Interface (CMI) is a web-based tool for service partner order processing. All service partner orders are processed and invoiced here. Access to the CMI is created by the service partner team. All service partner orders have an individual service partner ID, or SP-ID, for short. These instructions show step-by-step how to process them.

As soon as a customer buys a product with a service, a sales order is created. The SP-ID is also linked in this order. Transmission to the service partner via CMI takes place within 30-45 minutes.

Exception: If the customer orders on prepayment, then the transmission takes place only after receipt of the payment.

1. Step: Accept Order

The new service partner order in the CMI must be accepted within one business day.

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The order then automatically slides into the «Service partner orders - pending follow-up» section:

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2. Step: First Contact with the Customer

The customer must be contacted by the service partner within two working days. It is necessary to check whether the conditions on site are right for the installation or assembly.

Clarification points could be the following:

  • Are all connections available?

  • Does the customer have enough space for the product?

  • Are the passageways wide enough for transport?

  • Does the customer have the appropriate brackets (e.g. for TV wall mounting) or kits (e.g. for commissioning washing machine or tumbler)?

  • Is the load-bearing capacity of the wall sufficient for the planned installation of beamer, screen, TV, etc.?

Important: In this step, no delivery date is agreed with the customer yet!

Provided everything is correct, you can «Mark as requirements fulfilled».

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As soon as the requirements are marked as fulfilled, the order slides to the section «Service partner orders» → «Fulfilled service partner orders». The order is therefore no longer visible in the overview.

Only when you click on «Mark as requirements fulfilled», the shipping of the product is triggered. When the product is shipped, the order slides back to the welcome page under the section «Service partner orders - pending delivery date confirmation».

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3. Step: Second Contact with the Customer

Now the second contact with the customer takes place. This happens two to three working days after receipt of the goods. Now a delivery date is agreed with the customer. As soon as this is set, the appointment must be stored in the CMI.

As soon as the appointment has been deposited, the order moves to the section «Service partner orders - awaiting completion».

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4. Step: Mark the Service as Provided

As soon as the service has been provided to the customer. The services under the section «Service partner orders - awaiting completion» must be marked as performed.

5. Step: Invoice

You invoice us for the orders you have completed on a monthly basis. You can do this under «Service partner orders» → «Completed orders not yet invoiced».

Under «Invoice selection» you can select the desired orders:

The CMI generates a PDF with the invoiced orders. Attention, this is not yet an invoice! The service partner must generate an invoice to Digitec Galaxus AG. The invoice must list the billing ID from the PDF and all SP IDs. Please send the invoice in PDF form to

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