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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 I’d like to offer my products. What is the proposed way to do so?

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page1 I’d like to offer my products as a merchant. What is the proposed way to do so?

Products that are offered by merchants are marked with the addition «Supplied by …». This informs customers that the product is sold through a third party.

Clicking the merchant name, in blue, takes customers to the merchant page and to the full product range of the merchant.

Merchant page

The merchant page features the logo, company details and a voluntary marketing text about the merchant. In addition, the total number of products offered is visible and the navigation lists the product types on which your items are distributed.

This shop-in-shop page requires a logo with a resolution of 300 × 100 px in JPEG or PNG format. Also required are the imprint, a privacy policy and a marketing text of 50–70 words.

Presentation of offers from several merchants

It may occur that a product is offered by several merchants as well as by Galaxus. If the EAN code and the brand of offers matches, they are displayed on one product detail page. In this case, the product data of the first-created offer is used, and all subsequent offers are added to it.

It is possible that there are several offers per item (marketplace offers and/ or own offers). To determine the first offer, as well as the order of all other offers for the same article, an algorithm is used.

In the conviction to achieve the greatest benefit for the end customer, the algorithm considers the following parameters: Price , availability and minimum order quantityand delivery time. If a product can be offered cheaper or delivered faster by another supplier, this is indicated with "faster" or "BETTER PRICE" at the respective offer. This makes it possible to stand out from other providers not only by price, but also by availability and delivery time.

Product availability

The stock level per product is transmitted via the «StockPricing» document. If no stock is available, the next possible delivery date can be entered in the «DeliveryDate» column. If the product can no longer be procured, it must be removed from all files. Details are available here .

Delivery time

After specifying an initial delivery time for products in stock, our systems monitor the delivery time using the track & trace data and the delivery time is adjusted automatically. Restock dates or restock times are also included in the delivery time display. If the merchant has more than one warehouse, there is also the option of a multi-warehouse setup.


The prices are also transmitted to Galaxus via the «StockPricing» file. The merchant supervises and determines the price. However, to ensure good and profitable cooperation, we would like to highlight that prices should be competitive and both commission and shipping costs shouldn’t be added.

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