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Table of Contents

4 What do the financial flows look like?

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page4 What do the financial flows look like?

Prices for the merchant programme

Merchants don’t pay any basic fees or initial costs (except for the necessary techical connection, insofar as you have to make technical changes in your systems for the use of the marketplace). There are only variable costs within the scope of a so-called commission fee on your sold articles. This means that if you successfully sell products, the percentage fee is due. The amount of this fee is independent of the volumes sold via the marketplace and depends exclusively on the net sales price excluding VAT of the products you sell. All information on the marketplace fees for Switzerland can be found here:

Merchant programme sales fee

Galaxus issues a consolidated invoice for the monthly sales fee. In addition to the consolidated invoice, Galaxus sends a report (list of the individual orders) to a defined merchant e-mail address (e.g., e-mail of the accounting department) monthly. The delivery always takes place between the 1st and 5th day of the respective month. The terms of payment for merchants are defined as 20 days from delivery of the invoice by Galaxus.

Settlement of returns

Each month, Galaxus issues a consolidated credit note request for accepted returns. In addition to the consolidated credit note request, Galaxus sends a detailed list of individual items to an email address (defined by you) monthly. The delivery always takes place between the 1st and 5th day of each month. The terms of payment for merchants are defined as 20 days from the delivery of the invoice by Galaxus.

Payment of the cession / assignment of claims

The payment of the gross amounts due to merchants takes place automatically in a rolling rhythm and defined payment interval as a collective payment. Only gross amounts for which a dispatch notification has been triggered are taken into account for the payment. The dispatch notification is transmitted by the merchant to Galaxus via interfaces or the CMI merchant portal (order set to «sent»).

The payment is made by Digitec Galaxus AG to the merchant as part of the bank transfer. For ease of handling, the order ID of Digitec Galaxus AG is also provided. In this way, a fully automated allocation of open payments is also potentially possible.

Individual payment: through wire transfer

Please find a sample payment advice note here.

Collective payment: payment report

In the case of collective payments, the order number isn’t visible as a payment reference.

Important: Change from individual payment to collective payment is possible at any time, but changing from collective payment to individual payment is not. You may change the collective payments as you wish (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Return processing fee (returns)

The return handling fee of CHF 5.60 per return for specific product types (e.g., clothing) will also be charged with the invoiced commission (merchant programme sales fee).

EU hub

In addition to the standard marketplace settlement, the EU hub model also charges the EU hub settlement fees (incl. report). For merchants without fiscal representation, all financial flows are made in euros.

The financial flows via the EU hub are in CHF for merchants who are entered into the Swiss VAT register and have set up a fiscal representation. Because Galaxus handles the declaration and customs clearance for the merchants, we pay the import taxes owed directly to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and invoice the merchant for them on a monthly basis.

Digitec Galaxus AG billing address

Digitec Galaxus AG’s bank details are stated below.

Billing address

Digitec Galaxus AG
Pfingstweidstrasse 60b
CH-8005 Zurich


Bank account CHF

IBAN: CH48 0483 5167 7775 8100 0

Company identification number 

🇩🇪 DE