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Table of Contents

6 Which facts must be considered regarding «after sales»?

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page6 Which facts must be considered regarding «after sales»?
Definitions of terms

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

A DOA case is defined as any immediately identifiable defect in the product that already existed at the time of delivery to the end customer or that occurs within the agreed DOA period.

Warranty case

Production and material defects are considered warranty cases. Excluded is improper use. Wearing parts such as batteries, toner or illuminants are excluded from the warranty unless otherwise agreed.

🇨🇭 Warranty period

The warranty period begins with the receipt of the product by the end customer. The return time is considered either the date on which the defective product is received at a Digitec Galaxus AG store or the handover time to the respective forwarder in case of a return shipment.

Should the manufacturer provide a deviating warranty period for products distributed by you, the former shall apply, provided that the warranty period is longer than the above-mentioned warranty period.

🇪🇺 Warranty period

The warranty period begins with the delivery of the product to the end customer. The return date of the defective product shall be the date of acceptance at a Galaxus Deutschland GmbH shop or, in the case of return shipment by the end customer to Galaxus Deutschland GmbH or the supplier, the date of posting with the relevant carrier.

Large Products

Products weighing more than 30kg or bulky goods (length 250 cm, circumference 400 cm).

Low Cost Products

Products that aren’t worth returning or repairing due to their low purchase price.

Out of Warranty

Defective products are out of warranty when either the warranty period has expired or the defect was caused by the customer's fault.

Service Center

A service centre for repairs operated or commissioned by you.

Repair duration

The repair duration is the time span between receipt of the returned product at your address or service centre and the date when the repaired product is returned to Digitec Galaxus AG or the end customer. If the agreed repair duration isn’t complied with, Digitec Galaxus AG will charge you the original price which Digitec Galaxus AG originally paid for the product.

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