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Product "content" data for Digitec Galaxus includes title, description, images, videos and the specifications of a product.

Complete, comprehensive, relevant and correct content is crucial for an inspiring shopping experience, good advice and information for the customer. And thus the product content quality of a product has a significant influence on the conversion (probability that it will be bought).

But that's not all: well-maintained content is absolutely crucial for findability and placement in Google and Digitec Galaxus shop search and display in digital campaigns. Important shop features such as product recommendation tools, filtering or variant creation are also based on it. The better the data, the more prominent the display in the shop and the higher the sales opportunities. In addition, complete product information significantly reduces customer service requests, returns and cancellations.


The following informations are not allowed to be included in the product titles:

  • Max. 100 charachters

  • Brand

  • Category / product type

  • Specifications such as size, colour, material etc.

  • Invitation to buy / incentive to buy

  • Trademark, copyright or other special characters

  • Manufacturer number before or after the actual product title

  • For product variants: Consistent "product titles" are crucial for the automated creation of variants, as the variants are brought together on the basis of the same "product title". If the product titles cannot be unified, the variant groups should be specified via the "VariantName" field.

  • Ensure correct spelling incl. correct letter’s in capital

  • Manufacturer number is allowed as name/title - as long as manufacturer number = product title.

We recommend defining an imaginary name or a synonym for products with the same name as the category. If necessary, use the manufacturer's number as the title.


  • Max 4000 charachters

  • The most important attributes and keywords in the first 160-500 characters at best

  • Preferably unique content and please do not copy texts from your own or other descriptions.

  • Please ensure that spelling is correct

  • Please do not use HTML or other formatting.

  • The following information should not be used in the description:

    • The word "new" or synonyms; Better: "successor model of xxx".

    • Superlatives, promotional writing style

    • URLs, web links

    • We/us perspective (e.g. "We developed this product)

    • Invitation to buy / incentive to buy / obvious advertising texts ( Example: Introductory offer for pre-orders of "Pelletgrill" until 30 June 2020: You receive 5 types of pellets with the purchase of a "Pelletgrill").

    • Trademark, copyright or other special characters

    • Warranty information

    • Retailer name

    • Complete words in capital letters (e.g. FOR EXAMPLE)

    • Price details


  • MainImageURL must be a cropped image of the product (frontal shot with white background).

  • The URL must be freely accessible.

  • The formats JPG, JPEG and PNG are supported.

  • The longest edge of the images must be at least 600px (without border around the product). The size of 8 MB per image must not be exceeded.

  • We are currently unable to process 3D images.

  • The following must not be included in the images or used in the images:

    • Placeholder

    • Invitation to buy / Incentive to buy / Advertising texts / Campaign texts / Promotional overlays

    • Logos

    • Watermarks

    • Awards

    • Generic images

    • No images with several variant products (e.g. several colour variants of a product)


  • Currently, we cannot automatically import the videos submitted, but this is of course our goal for the future. For this reason, we would be happy to provide the video links and discuss the manual deposit during the integration.

  • Currently, only YouTube and Vimeo video links are supported.

  • Only official videos from the manufacturer are used (copyright). We do not show violence for advertising purposes, neither on animals nor on humans.

  • Basically, please provide all specifications that are available on your own shop or in your database.

  • Please indicate category groups/product categories as specifically as possible, as this information is very important for precise filtering in the corresponding areas.

  • Units: Values with units can be supplied in two different ways:

    • Specification name with unit: "Length (cm)" / Specification values without.

    • unit: "50", "35", "40", ...

    • Specification name without unit: length / specification values with unit: "50cm", "35", "40", ...

    • Unit: "50cm", "0.35m", "400mm", …

  • Please do not use Booleans: Specification value cannot be shown as "Yes" or "No".

  • The specification of dimensions should preferably be transmitted once as a multiplication (20x40x10) and once separately:

    • Multiplication: Specification name: Dimensions in cm / Specification value: 20x40x10.

    • Separate version:

      • Specification name: Length cm / Specification value 20

      • Specification name: Width cm / Specification value 40

      • Specification name: Height cm / Specification value 10

In the case of only one possible format, please use the separate version.